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Pre - Invasion (before 1788)
Aboriginal Australians as Anarchists.....Bob James

1788 to 1800
Pemulwuy - Indigenous resistance leader for the Eora........Question Mark Collective

1801 to 1850
Yagan - Indigenous resistance leader for the Nyungar........Question Mark Collective
The flogging of a Master - Bushranging as Class Struggle 1836....Question Mark Collective
The Story of GUOOF and Traveller's Home in the 1840's and 1850's Dr Bob James

1851 to 1880
Sailor's riot in Sydney 1851....Question Mark Collective
Peter Lalor and the miners' Eureka Stockade........Question Mark Collective
The Eueka Rebellion 1854........Dr Joe Toscano
Ned Kelly - Bush ranging resistance to the Squatocracy........Question Mark Collective
Maritime Strike 1878-1879........Anarchist Media Institute

1881 to 1900
A Reader of Australian Anarchism 1886-1896....Bob James (Ed.)
The beginnings of May Day in Australia....Joe Toscano
The Haymarket Affair 'Down under'.....Michael Vandelaar
Progress of Anarchism at the Melbourne Wharf 1889.....J.W. Fleming
Women in the Early Anarchist Movement.....Bob James
Melbourne Anarchist Club Notes 1889.....Honesty
Maritime Strike 1890........Anarchist Media Institute
News from Australia 1891.....J.Schellenberg
Cooperation as a Remedy (Pyrmont Laundry Strike) 1891.....Creo Stanley
Wily Wheelwomen of the 1890s....Question Mark Collective
Active Service Brigade, Sydney / The Verge of Revolution - 1890-1894. ....J.A. Andrews in Tocsin.

1901 to 1920
Chummy Fleming & the opening of the first Australian Parliament....Takver
Emma Goldman: the Australian connection.....Bob James
International Notes (May Day 1910).....J.W. Fleming
Politics and Parliament 1913.....Monty Miller
The I.W.W. in Australia....Mark McGuire
Joe Hill's ashes in Australia........Question Mark Collective
IWW in Aotearoa....Frank Prebble
1913 General Strike in Aotearoa....Frank Prebble
The Tottenham Tragedy - two Australian I.W.W. workers executed 1916....Joe Toscano
The Passing of Parliament 1916.....Monty Miller
The IWW Twelve charged with treason and arson 1916.....Issy Wyner from My Union Right or Wrong
NSW General Strike 1917.....Issy Wyner from My Union Right or Wrong
Lilian Tiering in the IWW....Ken Weller
William Siebenhaar defends Monty Miller....Ian Turner
'Ma' Westbrook and the IWW.....Ian Turner
The Red Flag Movement 1918-1919 Brisbane.....Issy Wyner from My Union Right or Wrong
The One Big Union proposal and the Ship Painters and Dockers Union 1916-1919 .....Issy Wyner from My Union Right or Wrong
Paul Freeman - killed at Kursk 1921.....Tom Barker

1921 to 1940
The Victorian Police Strike 1923.....Issy Wyner from My Union Right or Wrong
Timberworkers Strike 1929.....Issy Wyner from My Union Right or Wrong
Coalfields lockouts and the shooting of Norman Brown at Rothbury 1929.....Issy Wyner from My Union Right or Wrong
The proletarian migrants: fascism and Italian Anarchists in Australia....Gianfranco Cresciani
L'avanguardia Libertaria (Italian Paper 1932)....
The Unemployed Workers Movement in Melbourne - 1920's-1930's....Jim Munro
Raised a Radical - the Englarts in Brisbane 1920-1939....Vince Englart
Homegrown Communism - recollections of the YCL in 1930s Brisbane....Ron Brown
1934 Canecutters' strike in North Queensland....Peter Sheldon from Rebel Worker

1941 to 1960
A Sermon for Madmen (1941)....Max Harris
The Necessity for Surrealism (1941)....James Gleeson
Brisbane 1946 - Workers' Control on the wharf .....Takver
Jim Dawson and the Southern Advocate for Workers Councils
Squatting after World War II - 1946-1947....Question Mark Collective
The Queensland Railway Strike 1948....Doug Olive
The Politics of Things (1955)....Harry Hooton
John Olday's Memoirs in Australia
Sydney Libertarianism and the Push....A.J. Baker
Bulgarian Anarchists in Sydney....Bob James

1961 to 1970
Moralism and the C.P.A. - the 1962 Peace March....Question Mark Collective
Pat Mackie and the Mount Isa Dispute 1964/65....Joe Toscano in Anarchist Age
Australian-New Zealand Anarchist Congress (1966)
Student Action for Education (1966) - Melbourne and Brisbane anarchists.
A Short History of TREASON - 1966 to 1968
Ho For The Merry Month of May! - May Day in Melbourne 1968
Czechoslovakia - anarchist leaflet on the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968
Pre-Moratorium Leaflet - Melbourne 1970
Vietnam Moratorium Sydney 1970 ....w.b.
'Save the Lemmings' Melbourne 1970 ....anon.
A Pleasant Saturday Morning the Streets of Melbourne - antiwar protest 1970

1971 to 1980
Australian Draft Resistance and the Vietnam War (1971)....Michael Matteson & Geoff Mullen
Julian Ripley framed for bombing the Dept Of Labour & National Service, Perth (1971)....Takver
Sex and Censorship - 1971 ....Wendy Bacon
Fighting on Two Fronts: Against the University Administration; Against the Student Maoists. Student Protests at La Trobe University (1971-73)
Stop the F19 Freeway Campaign....Julie New
Ford Riot at Broadmeadows - 1972....Question Mark Collective
Collingwood Freestore (1971-1972)
Dingo newspaper (1972)
Working Peoples' Association (1972-1973)
Anarchists start Australia's first Free Legal Aid Service (1972)
Community Action - Self-Management Conference at Camp Eureka - Melbourne (1972)
Workers Control or Self-Management Leaflet to 1972 Workers Control Conference in N.S.W.
Anarcho Surrealist Insurrectionary Feminist Manifesto - AS IF (Melbourne 1973) ....AS IF Collective
Gay Pride Week 1973 (Sydney)....John Englart
The Anarchist Black Cross publishes 40 issues of Acracia (1973-1975)
Anarchism and Feminism (1974)....anon.
Feminism and Men - 1975....Chris Nicol
Autonomous House - Alternative Technology (Sydney 1975) ....Friends of the Earth
Towards an anarchist organisation and programme (1974)....anon.
The organisational platform of the Federation of Australian Anarchists (1975)....anon.
Brisbane SMG statement on the 1975 conference and proposed 1976 conference (1975)....Brisbane SMG
Theses against Seperatism (1975)....anon.
The Split - a Monash Anarchist Perspective (1976)....anon.
FoE Ride Against Uranium: 1976....John Englart, Mick Waters (Chain Reaction)
FoE Ride Against Uranium: 1977....John Englart
Chrysler Factory at Tonsley Park (Adelaide) 1976-1978....Garry Hill
Libertarian Socialist Alliance for Self Managed Energy Systems: 1978-1979....Takver
Anarchism in Sydney 1975-1981....John Englart
925 - working class poetry (1978-1983)....Takver

1981 to 1990
What is this Gay Community Shit? - The Sydney Gay Mardi Gras and the Left....Sasha Soldatow
On Lesbian Separatism - Women wimmin womyn womin whippets....Julie McCrossin
Ride Against Uranium: 1981....John Englart
Atom Free Embassy: 1981....John Englart
Anarchism in New Zealand - 1982 ... Letter to Freedom
Split in the Jura Books Collective (1982) ....John Englart
World Bike Ride: for Peace and a Nuclear Free Future (1982-83)....John Englart; Stephanie Pillora, Christopher Williams, Oliver Portway (Freewheeling); Paul Marshall (Chain Reaction)
Campaign for Free Expression in Queensland (1982-1983) ....Ciaron O'Reilly
1984 & Social Control Conference
'The State and the Explanation Of Nuclear Technology' (1984 & Social Control Conference) ....Val Plumwood
Ride to Roxby (1984)....John Englart, Meredith Brownhill (Freewheeling)
Community Arts and Politics (1985)....Dwayne Campbell
'A New Anarchism' - Examining 100 years of Australian Anarchism....Bob James
1986 Australian Anarchist Centenary Celebrations Conference
Anarcho-Feminist Celebrations - 1986 Camp
A voter takes direct action.....Anon.
1989 Beyond Social Control Conference
The Pilots Dispute of 1989....Dick Curlewis
The Melbourne Tram Dispute and Lockout of 1990....Dick Curlewis
1990 Anarchist Organisation & Strategy Conference

1991 to 2000
Anarchism in Aotearoa - 1995 ...The State Adversary
War on the Wharfies 1998 (February - August 1998)....Takver
March 1998: Direct Action Jamboree, Melbourne....Various
Anarchist anti-election campaign - 1998
Jabiluka Blockade and Protests - 1998....Takver
Melbourne Support for a Free East Timor - September 1999....Takver
Picket Line Despatches from the Joy Mining Machinery Dispute, 2000....Rowan Cahill
Protests against World Economic Forum at Melbourne Crown Casino September 11 - 13, 2000....Takver

2001 to 2010
No Gods No Masters anarchist & Autonomist conference - April 2001....Takver
MayDay 2001 and the ghost of Chummy Fleming....Takver
2001 July: Red & Black Forum on Anti-Capitalist Currents (Sydney)....Various
2001 August: Liberty Autonomy Solidarity: Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Conference (Wollongong)....
2001: an Anarchist Odyssey (Christchurch).... fromThr@ll
Election 2001 - For Direct Democracy not Parliamentary Rule....Various
Against Terrorism, Against War .....index of articles by Takver that document the peace movement in Melbourne after the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York on September 11, 2001.
April 2002 - From Resurgence to Insurgence - Sydney Anarchist & Autonomist Conference.
Feb - April 2003 - Melbourne Anti-war protests against the invasion and occupation of Iraq
May 2003 - May Days in Brisbane - Official and unofficial May Day marches
May 2003 - Anarchy for Life..... - Brisbane Anarchist & Autonomist Conference.
Eureka 2003 149th anniversary at Ballarat
Dec 2003 - Anarchist Teaparty National Symposium Aotearoa
Jan 2004 - Anarcon 4 anarchist & autonomous activist conference Perth

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Some of the articles from Anarchism in Australia have been included in the above timeline, others haven't. Scabs, Coppers, Strikes and Footy was not included above as it covers numerous time periods.

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