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Pre-Moratorium Leaflet (1970)

The basis of a revolution must be cultural as well as being political and social. Therefore, we urge all dropouts, alcoholics, lunatics, junkies, bludgers, neorotics, prisoners, inmates, schizophrenics, the unemployed, the insane, the psychologically unsound, the freaks, the lazy, and other assorted maniacs to come out on the streets on May the 8th and join the revolution, Nay, make the revolution.

The revolution will not come from orderly street marches, peace police (or, marshalls with M's on their hats), grey suited businessmen who spend the rest of the week exploiting people, ALP politicians who are frustrated at not being able to exploit people, authoritarian students, leaders of any description or respectability. Have a look at the leaders. See how serious they are; their intense faces looking upon their congregations, frowning upon any spontaneity of their flocks, upon any action not in the script, upon any gaiety. We must all be solemn and look how solemn the followers are. Wisely following their informed, authoritative and noble leaders. Such is the stuff of revolutionaries? What bloody tripe.

Revolutionaries aren't interested in all that stuff. The dropouts, the uninhibited in our society provide us with a revolutionary culture. They refuse to take part in a repressive, authoritarian society, and many are persecuted for their beliefs and actions. Parents and bosses try to repress us while we are still young. In kindergardens and childminding centres, children are brainwashed into accepting our lovely way of life. THERE CAN BE NO REVOLUTION until four year olds throw away their teddy-bears and blankets and come out on the streets. And it must be many children. The wayward, whether child, teenager or adult may end up being psychoanalysed. Luckily not enough psychoanalysts for us all - yet.

Are there any children left who want to be free? To reject all the garbage of our society, education, politics, consumerism - most adults spend their lives producing material and mental garbage which is generally useless, but highly necessary for their commodity - inflated egos. They work their guts out, producing per day, eight hours of wastage. Revolution demands the annihilation of consumer culture. The rejection of work - a joyable activity Yes, Work No. Why slave ?

What has all of this got to do with the Moratorium. The Moratorium is another consumer fetish, direct from the USA. It gives participants a valid reason for taking the day off, for marching, for showing their real concern about the Vietnam War. But does this help the Vietnamese, Laotions and Cambodians under the repression of the USA-SAIGON, HANOI-NLF, CAMBODIAN, LAOTIAN ROYALIST and PATHET LAO WAR MACHINES. Maybe, but wouldn't it be better to create a revolutionary situation in Australia, in the streets of Melbourne. And in the suburbs, from Werribee to East Hawthorn, Coburg to Cheltenham, Kick industry and commerce out of the streets. Refuse to produce and transport rubbish. Ignore the legal signs and directions, the petty restrictions which penetrate our lives. We live in the cities, so let's make the cities live. Set an example to the rest of the world. Show them the uselessness of work, leadership authority, governments and their lackeys. Join the lunatics, drug-addicts and wild-eyed freaks on the streets. Be yourself.

The Lunatic Fringe

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