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Articles & Essays

A good introductory history to the Sydney Libertarians is Sydney Libertarianism and the Push by A.J. Baker. Jim Baker was one of the key intellectual figues in the Sydney Push from 1945 onwards. In 1968 he contributed Remarks on Australian Anarchism and Sydney Libertarianism to a proposed book on anarchism by Max Nomad that never eventuated.

Some of the theoretical basis for Sydney Libertarianism can be seen in these articles. Some of these essays are also available on the Collective Action Notes Home Page along with articles on Max Nomad and other libertarian works on theory and practice.

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Wendy Bacon | Ian Bedford | John Flaus | Jack Grancharoff | Germaine Greer | Harry Hooton | Darcy Waters

Wendy Bacon

During the late 1960s she was involved with the Kensington Libertarians (University of N.S.W.), which also included Ric Mohr and John Murphy. Wendy Bacon came to prominence challenging censorship laws in NSW as an editor of the University of NSW student newspaper, Tharunka, which evolved into publishing the underground paper, Thor, and a newspaper version of The Little Red School Book which was handed out free to students outside of various schools.

She is now an investigative journalist and Associate Proffessor in charge of the Department of Social Communication & Journalism at the University of Technology Sydney.

In 2013 Wendy Bacon gave a talk at Jura Books on the topic of anarcha-feminism and women’s liberation. Listen to an audio recording.

What did anarcho-feminism mean to 1970s feminists? Does it still have relevance for today’s feminists?. The key themes covered in the talk included:

The following articles were published anonymously or just with initials. I have attributed them to Wendy Bacon either from the style of writing, or from heresay within the anarchist movement.

Ian Bedford

John Flaus

Radio, stage and screen actor, film critic, academic and journalist and....philosophical anarchist. John Flaus was closely involved at one stage with the Sydney Libertarians. But his great love has been films, and he has made a career as an actor, film critic, academic and journalist. So who is John Flaus? and what is his connection to anarchism? More Info...

Jack Grancharoff - 'Jack the Anarchist'

Jack has been a prominent character in the anarchist movement in Australia since the 1950s, shortly after fleeing Stalinist repression in Bulgaria via refugee camps in Turkey. He arrived in Australia in 1952 and set about contacting local anarchists. He was a regular speaker at the Domain in Sydney, a motivator of various incarnations of the Sydney Anarchist Group, and participated in activities of the Sydney Libertarian Push, and is often seen at anarchist conferences and gatherings.

Germaine Greer

Germaine Greer arrived in Sydney in 1959 and became active in Push activities. In the late 1960's Greer travelled to England for further academic studies. She became an active contributor as 'Dr G' to London Oz magazine, editored by fellow Australian Richard Neville. The publication of her classic 1970 book The Female Eunuch, has made her a household name associated with radical feminism. Although the book never articulates anarchism per se, it is a ground breaking liberatory text which draws upon anarchist ideas.

Since at least the late 1950's Germaine Greer has identified herself as an anarchist, and continues to do so. Her regular public comments on social issues are portrayed in the media as controversy, yet they successfully raise for discussion topics previously given little commentary or debate. More Info...

Harry Hooton (1908-1961)

Poet of the 21st Century, anarchist, philosopher. Hooton was part of the Libertarian Push in Sydney during the post WW II years, with connections to Angela "Annie" Westbrook of the IWW and many of the poets and writers active in Australian Literature of the time. This is an updated biography by Sasha Soldatow based on the book, Poet of the 21st Century - Collected Poems - Harry Hooton, which he edited. The anarchist philosophy Hooton developed was anarcho-technocracy and The Politics of Things, which are prescient pieces of writing on anarchism, technics and society, still relevant today.

Darcy Waters (1928-1997)

Darcy Waters was one of the central characters of the libertarian Push from its beginnings to its long decline. Darcy lived a bohemian life, which few others could emulate. Although he was central to the politics and culture of the Push, he left very few written articles. His contribution needs to be judged by what other people choose to write on his life and activities. More info... includes:

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