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William Lane on Anarchism

William lane on Anarchism, in 'Working Man's Paradise,' 1892.

Drawing: William Lane Perhaps the best known of all labor organisers in the period 1890 to 1895, Lane was one of three brothers who came to Australia from England in the 1880's. He quickly established himself as a journalist with an eye for an injustice and the poor. As editor of 'the (Brisbane) Worker' he espoused libertarian communism under the guise of 'mateship' and 'co-operation.' Disillusioned with labor consciousness or driven by personal needs, he left the paper in 1892 after producing a documentary novel 'Working Man's Paradise.' He organised the emigration to Paraguay of hundreds of labor stalwarts from 1893, but 'New Australia' foundered on lack of personal preparation, and on the question of authority, Lane being unprepared to give up his power-base. In New Zealand in the 20th century he edited a conservative newspaper and opposed labor in all industrial struggles.

(Ned, the naive 'hero' of the novel discusses 'the social question' with Geisner, who tells Ned 'Where the Trouble Lies,' contrasting State Socialism to 'anarchical communism' based upon 'voluntaryism and opposed to force whether of governments or otherwise,' Ned asks:)

'Mates', William Lane, as 'John Miller, (Wagga) 'Hummer', January 16,1892.

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