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Moreland Peace Group
anti-war march in Brunswick
22 February 2003

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Feb 22 2003
11:03:52 am
Moreland Peace Group placard
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Feb 22 2003
11:04:40 am
Listening to speeches at
Brunswick Town Hall
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Feb 22 2003
11:05:43 am
Listening to speeches at
Brunswick Town Hall
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Feb 22 2003
11:08:05 am
Listening to speeches at
Brunswick Town Hall
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Feb 22 2003
11:29:32 am
Moreland Peace Group
on the March up Sydney Road
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Feb 22 2003
11:29:45 am
War is a Crime Against Humanity
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Feb 22 2003
11:37:42 am
Muslims for Peace Banner
(Islamic Council of Victoria)
at the Brunswik march on Sydney Road
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Feb 22 2003
11:43:09 am
Moreland Peace Group
on the March up Sydney Road
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Feb 22 2003
11:49:43 am
Listening to speeches at
Brunswick Market on Sydney Road

About 300 people gathered at the Brunswick Town Hall for a rally and march against the U.S. led war on Iraq. The rally and march was organised by the newly formed Moreland Peace Group.

Outside the Brunswick Town Hall the rally was addressed by a number of speakers including the local State member of parliament, Carlo Carli, from the Labor Party and Green Party and Fairwear activist Pamela Curr.

Brunswick, being an inner city suburb of Melbourne, has a large ethnic population containing many muslims, and still has a strong traditional working class culture. Moreland Council has adopted a strong antiwar stance since October 2002 in regards to the USA led invasion of Iraq.

At just before 11.30am the crowd started marching up Sydney Road, chanting as they went. The march contained a cross-section of Brunswick: mothers pushing strollers; people pushing shopping jeeps, children, old people, muslim men and women, local labor politicians, various socialists, anarchists and Greens.

Sydney Road is the principal thoroughfare and strip shopping centre through Brunswick and Coburg, and midday on Saturday is always very busy. A small contingent of police accompanied the march.

Outside the Brunswick Market the march stopped for a few minutes, before rallying again in a nearby car park, to hear more speakers.

The mood of the march and rallies was good natured with a feeling that a worthwhile statement had been made to other residents in Moreland.


Moreland City Council Against the war on Iraq

Moreland Council Sign on the Brunswick Town Hall
Moreland Council
Anti-war Sign on
the Brunswick
Town Hall


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