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Be an Alien (1971)

"I am a citizen of the World" - Tom Paine.

A fundamental principle of Anarchist Philosophy is the unity of Mankind. Implicit in this idea is the right to travel without restriction or harrassment wherever YOU desire on YOUR planet.

Nationalism is a base emotion of prehistoric origin (see the Territorial Imperative) which has no true place in modern international society. Yet it remains as a tool of the Ruling Class, who, instead of using their propaganda machines to promote understanding and harmony, continue to create a climate of ignorance and fear for themselves to exploit when needed. They promote the idea of National Unity against outsiders to the virtual exclusion of the Ideal of International People's Unity against the exploiting classes. The usefulness of this pool of national hysteria to such exploiters is virtually unlimited and includes such things as campaigns to "BUY AUSTRALIAN" regardless of how shithouse the product is, and the recurring "Yellow Hordes" every election time as an extremely efficient way of recruiting for their criminal wars. The People have nothing to gain from fighting in the expansionist wars between their nationally-based masters - THEY'LL still be slaves anyway - and yet they DO fight; a testimony to the callous efficiency of the exploiters' propaganda weapons.


In Australia, we have a Department for the Control of National Purity ("officially" known as the Immigration Department). Its entire terms of reference are racist and chauvinist. Our opposition to the Immigration Department is total and not confined to our absolute contempt of the "White Australia Policy" - THE IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT EXISTS TO RESTRICT THE MOVEMENT OF MEN OVER THEIR PLANET.

Every September, this department conducts a sordid little manouvre known as "Alien Registration". Now an Alien is not small and green with big pointy ears (that's a McMahon), but anyone who is not an Australian, British citizen, etc., they must answer a variety of personal and impertinent questions for the department.

This is counter to anarchist principles (see last copy of "TREASON"). It represents bureaucratic prying and muddling into the lives of INDIVIDUALS; it also implies that certain people are considered alien in one part of the planet because they were born on a different part of the ONE PLANET.


The Immigration Department has never experienced anarchistic direct action - they would have less idea how to handle a falsie than would the Department of Labour and National Servitude. Anything that balls up any government department is worth doing.



They can be obtained at any money-order post-office in theoretically unrestricted numbers.

- Marital Status - never married
- Occupation - non-professional
- Former Family name - unchanged
- Name - Yours or an imaginary one.
- Registration No. - Don't put one - they are quite often forgotten.

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