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Idealism Dies (1971)

Essential to the Anarchistic achievement of a society organised without authority, whereby mutual relationships are governed by mutual agreements and not by laws of manipulative, exploitive financial tactics, is full respect for the Individual mind, (i.e. YOU). An inherent condition for the practice of such respect is the absence of dogma, so that the importance of the Human Being is stressed above the concept of the citizen of the state which attempts to dehumanise Mankind by treating PEOPLE as statistics classified into various distributions. It is in a cause such as this that resides our determination to bring about the death of the dogmatic, oppressive fascist state, whether it occurs in the form of western imperialism or Eastern aggressive expansionism. We cannot differentiate between the invasion of Indo-China by the Western Fascists and the invasion of Hungary or Czechoslavakia by the Eastern Fascists, also known, deceptively enough, as "Communists, both types trying to ease their evil-oriented consciences by almost convincing themselves to believe the most barbaric excuse of recorded history: "We are acting in the interests of the majority," and thus acting like all good demagogic pseudo-democrats should. "The Majority" is but a bureaucratic myth, designed to justify self-interested, oppressive policy - we recognise only the individuals making up such a majority.(1)

The difference is of course that the Capitalistic "majority" consists of the nouveau-riche, again deceptively known under the innocent title of "liberals" while the communist Ruling Classes like to think that the Proletariat is the dynamic force behind the Governmental machinery, knowing full well that Workers' Control has proven to be another myth, only to be achieved when the all-sacred top-heavy bureaucracy meets its downfall at the hands of the Nihilists, who Lenin thought to have successfully smashed but who, nevertheless, have still managed an attempt at an underground paper circulation.

Anarchists therefore find it very difficult to explain the world fuck-up in terms of clashing ideologies. All present governments are repressive, all oppress the individual - the difference between governments is a difference in name only. Despite ideological unity, however, the fascists are finding it difficult to cooperate in view of their clashing selfish nationalistic policies. Anarchists have therefore disposed of their Maoist tendencies almost as readily as they have lost hope in the efficiency of supporting ANY form of authority.

"We must affirm the new principles of the Party:
(i) The Individual is subordinate to the Organisation. (ii) The minority is subordinate to the Majority. (iii) The lower level is subordinate to the higher level. (iv) The entire membership is subordinate to the Central Committee."

This quotation is not from "Mein Kampf" but rather from "Thoughts of Chairman Mao" - similar authoritarian garbage is to be found in the works of other hierarchically minded rulers.

All governments are by necessity conservative and anti-revolutionary, some, like the Chinese, make honest efforts to preserve the revolution, but inevitably, must succumb to the demands of an authoritarian bureaucracy. Idealism dies. The principles of liberty, fraternity and equality which have been the aspirations of all revolutions in theory, are utterly denied by authority and governments.

"we are not afraid of ruins. We shall inherit the earth. The Bourgeoisie may blast and ruin its World before it leaves the stage of history. We carry a new world here in our hearts that world is growing this minute." - Buenaventura Durruti on behalf of the Anarchist Revolution. (Spain).

"Anarchy is society organised without authority." - Errico Malatesta


1. 'majority' - a peculiar terminological phenomenon, bureaucratic in origin, defined by a lexicographer who should know better as "whereby votes cast on one side exceed those on the other").

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