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On the Correct Handling of Defence Department Recruiters (1969)

Before there is a half-baked demonstration against the visit of the Defence Department recruiters, it is necessary to state some principles relevant to the visit.

  1. Knowledge of Defence Department structure and activities is not widely diffused. Therefore it is your intellectual right to ask for an appointment with the recruiters to remedy this lack, and to inform yourself about job opportunities.

  2. If any dialogue with the Defence Department is to be achieved, or if the recruiters are to be required to explain their justification for anything at all, then this must be done by interested people making an appointment with the recruiters.

So, comrades, we suggest that you go to your interviews prepared to listen patiently while the department is explained, and then to distinguish yourselves by searching and intelligent questioning. It is very easy to take the wrong attitude to government and military bodies, and to accuse all associated with them of crimes that they could not possibly have committed, and thus to alienate possible potential support. Mr. Ian McIvor of S.D.S. calls for the removal of the University Regiment (M.U.R.) - let it be remembered that this regiment has destroyed an army tank by mortar fire and mislaid a Bofors anti-aircraft gun. Will Mr. Mcivor or any of the Melbourne University Left rise to such heights of revolutionary ardour? And remember many M.U.R. members are draft-dodgers.

Students of all faculties are welcome at the Defence Department interviews. See how friendly they are. Appointments can still be made at the Appointments Board or by ringing the University Extension 734 for next Monday or Tuesday.

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