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Against Student Turns (1967)

How did you enjoy the Science B-B-Q last Saturday; or that piss-up out at Kew? Maybe that depends on how many other turns you've been to in the past few weeks. Did you get pissed? Or even ultimate of ultimate glory-chunder?

And what about Ed's new white Triumph (hotted up: "Shit it can go") that you talked about; did that extend your imagination, excite you as a person? Ah well back to the grind for another week. Then if we drink enough and talk enough of cars and birds we can try to forget it all at the gas turn this Saturday. Oh, as to the blokes - did you finally succeed in screwing the bird? La Dolce Vita. We hear that the final product of this anti-person society which has produced us is about to come on to the market - the automatic bed, with adjustable stroke (supplied with inflatable plastic women, of course).

Some - peculiar misfits - still believe it is possible to meet a woman and not a bird, to make love and not to have a screw. They are visionaries, today's anti-social heroes who in their rebellion assert man as a social being and not as a machine cog. That they transform their vision to practice may not be irrelevant.

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