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The Anarchist Programme: Some Notes (1966)


  1. Break up the family as a property interest in the capitalist sense by: free sexual relations, community education and equality of the female.
  2. Society to be made up of loosely associated autonomous groups or interest communities: communes; unions, residential villages or blocks of flats, community workshops, pubs, meetings, etc.
  3. Abolish law and state-defined crime. Replace by law of social mores and punishment by social disapproval. Theory implies little crime in an anarchist society.
  4. Abolish state boundaries along with government. Local autonomy, regional co-operation and free travel and immigration.
  5. Administration to be by direct democracy democracy or short-term officials.
  6. Education: initially by mother and then by community; ultra-progressive schooling of a general variety; science for everyone; education programmes for adults; community discussions; communication by travel, letters, radio, T.V.; no degrees or standardisation; no compulsory schooling or corporal punishment (as an institution); free expression.
  7. Minimisation of special administrative functions.


  1. Abolish class of investors and non-elected executives.
  2. Abolish profit system. Production for use.
  3. Short-term elected administration for essential tasks. No supervisors or working for profit. Variation of work. On the job control.
  4. Organisation of production requires co-operation through industrial unions liaison however, not control.
  5. Fixed wage for all workers in one industry to be paid predominantly as credit at a community store.
  6. Exchange of products industry to industry, country to city, making money unnecessary as far as possible. Free services: post, bus, train, etc.
  7. Incentives for dirty jobs only.
  8. Voluntary communes for food production.
  9. Community responsibility for services, relief, education, unemployment - which would be low, support of the sick or mentally disabled.

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